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3Roses Natural Care is from the house of Brooke bond and the brand 3Roses. 3 Roses Natural Care Tea contains the goodness of 5Natural Ingredients - Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi & Ashwagandha, all of them extremely beneficial for your body as they enhance immunity while giving a unique flavor to the rich tea. Buy the 3 Roses Natural Care Tea in a 250 gm pack Now. Disclaimers: *As per Ayurvedic texts and human studies on NK cell activity , the mix of Natural Ingredients in 3 Roses Natural Care tea helps protect from cold, cough and flu. Based on Market research studies done on 785 consumers. 3Roses Natural Care tea helps build immunity against common ailments. ** Contains added Natural flavors

Key Highlights

  1. 3 Roses Natural Care contains Cardamom which helps in digestion
  2. 3 Roses Natural Care contains Ginger which Helps protect from cough & cold
  3. 3 Roses Natural Care contains Tulsi which helps build body resistance and Mulethi which helps soothe the throat
  4. 3 Roses Natural Care contains Ashwagandha which helps cope with stress.